Football – the global unregulated market * Bidenopoulos or Bidenakis? * The 17 Beaches of Kea * How Pension Funds Make Money * Football Colonialism

Stephanie Kaplan : Give a man a hundred million dollars and you make a frustrated billionaire.Tom Sanders : Hi, Stephanie.Stephanie Kaplan : Must be difficult. So much going on, and nobody giving […]

Buying Kea * Presumptive Closes * Follow the Ouzo * Keanaissance – 2nd to 5th of June

You decide to buy the island. Greece might appreciate that, and it worked for Richard. Instead of Be a Virgin, our motto will be Be Blonde. […]

Build a Life That You Don’t Have to Take a Holiday From * ABRA * The Road to Kea * The Real Economy

‘Build a Life That You Don’t Have to Take a Holiday From’… The Blonde says that like way too much. Wonder if she knows how annoying […]

Alpha in a Beta World * How to Read the Markets, and What’s Greece Got To Do With It?

Ok, you bought your €1500 ticket for this Greek jolly … You are now looking at the KEANAISSANCE Speaker Line-Up: Keanaissance Edition 2 – Annual Event in Kea – […]

You Are Managing $1 bn AUM, and You Turn Up in Athens Int’l on the 1st of June to Attend Keanaissance

You take off on BA 0632 to Athens on Wed 1 June at 13h25, thinking about what a mess the communists made of Greece, or was […]

Farrer & Co Won’t Win Any Clients in Switzerland

They may be the Queen’s lawyers, but they won’t win any business in Switzerland

Anatomy of a Conspiracy

I have been advised to let sleeping dogs lie. To get on with life. But it is not right that perpetrators of violence online or criminals […]