Alpha in a Beta World * How to Read the Markets, and What’s Greece Got To Do With It?

Ok, you bought your €1500 ticket for this Greek jolly … You are now looking at the KEANAISSANCE Speaker Line-Up: Keanaissance Edition 2 – Annual Event in Kea – Keanaissance, and you see this German guy Thomas Zeumer – Keanaissance who discovered Claudia Schiffer and Heidi Klum. You wonder if they’re coming too, and just how he discovered them. You just know that there is a good story there. The Blonde would probably know them. So this is her Metaverse speaker.. ok right .. have to have a Metaverse speaker in 2022. ZEX probably has some cachet; it is a good name you think. You make a note to talk to Thomas. ZEX Zuper Experience ( – slick.

You crawl over the Keanaissance – Platform for Property, Corporate Retreats & Annual Events and find the Sweat Vacay – Keanaissance site. Yoga, Fitness, Hiking. You make a note to go to the gym when you get back and to check the girls out, but to take the boat trip around Kea instead. 31 private beaches on the island. Unreal. The Little Known Greek Island of Kea – The Athenian Secret ( The 3rd of Jan is the Pre-Summit. You wonder if anyone important goes on the boat trip. There’s John Porter. Roger. You wouldn’t mind meeting a couple of billionaires if they are hanging about. Hope there’s not too many Americans. Kea is interesting. You start to get more intrigued. You’ve always thought of yourself as Mr Discovery. The island seems to be on the verge of lift-off. You find a reference to the fact that the Prime Minister’s family has had their homestead there for 40 years. There’s a rumor that there are a lot of discreet UHNWI’s on the island. You wonder what kind of guy this Miltos Kambourides is that bought up one side of Kea 7 years ago, and is months away from opening up a 7 star resort on the island now: One&Only – Under Maintenance ( … you hunt around and see that he spoke at the Blonde’s Mykonos conference last year: Videos – FTE Mykonos 2021 – Follow The Entrepreneur ( All she does is conferences, hang with the jet set. Does she ever do real work? He probably knows something about solving the infrastructure problems of Kea. The Blonde should ask him.

So KEANAISSANCE has an Investor Club. Investment Club – Keanaissance Hmmm. Wonder if this is a joke. But you are after all looking for new ideas on the investment side. This Scott Fulton guy, Investment Director, About Us – VIVA Investment Partners ( , seems like he might have an idea or two. Probably the brains of the firm. You could have sworn that you heard him facilitating the Talent House Earnings call the other day: Talenthouse AG | Business and Investor Relations You wonder how the Blonde got so lucky to bring him into her firm. (14) Scott Fulton | LinkedIn You catch something of him talking about Land. Ok right. He’s a sparkler. Actually, he’s probably right. Given interest rate movement, given 5% inflation. I’d rather buy a bond than Apple stock too. You note that he’s the Opening Keynote on Saturday morning the 4th of June. Experience in Switzerland, Dubai, Capital Markets. Seems the blond is out of the kindergarten, doing more pre-IPO investments and buyside. Finally, she was so evangelical about start-ups for so damn long, but we all grow up eventually, and looks like Ms Meyer finally did too. What’s this Dr. Meyer crap? You try to find some reference to a PhD. Oh here it is. Ok right, well Warwick University, right. You find it here: Honorary graduates summer 2014: Ms Julie Meyer – YouTube yep, knew it was honorary. Knew it.

You see some photos of Richard Parris on the Blonde’s Twitter account; he’s on @RAParris … VIP Shareholder ok, right. You flash back to the Mykonos site, and yep, he’s there too: Videos – FTE Mykonos 2021 – Follow The Entrepreneur ( He must be important then. Wonder if he’s going to be at KEANAISSANCE too. You were sent something on Parris’ new venture, B.GRN recently, and find it on your iPAD; he’s the Chairman of SABIEN on the LSE. You make a note to buy some SABIEN stock; you’ve got $1 bn after all.

You skim fast:
The Disruption in the world of Oil due to Russia’s actions has provided an Imperative to find immediate/imminent new sources of fuel and to build an Energy Independence reality. This combined with a strong need to remove plastic from the environment brings the opportunity to turn Plastic into Fuel through B.GRN, a new industrial platform which will build the ecosystem of Sustainable Green Energy Economics led by the industrialist Richard Parris.
Similar to the Parker Brothers’ board game of Monopoly, B.GRN will buy the property, put the hotels on but in this case, it is factories for the Waste to Fuel conversion process, and then reap the revenues as the output is sold. Job creation will engender local community commitment.
The management team has a strong history of taking innovation to market, provoking market demand for new technologies, establishing product market fit, scaling innovative products and services and communicating to stakeholders effectively to grow a committed investor following.
Further, the executives will template each process so that the roll-out and scale up of the network of factories is swift. It is expected that significant process IP will be generated. Further new services will be discovered and developed that can be spun out, shared and sold.
The finance team has extensive acquisition experience, and the partners in property development are established. The marketing of B.GRN will be central to making it a success, and investment will be made accordingly.
A world-class advisory board will be put in place which will enable B.GRN to develop its premium brand and positioning with access to the best capital, property, talent, yielding a long-term investment return opportunity as a new economic and industrial platform is formed. It is expected that B.GRN will list within 3 to 5 years; Richard Parris is well known and respected as a public company Executive Chairman, and has a strong following of institutional investors who will – we expect buy out early investors if they so desire to be bought out.

Gutsy and needed. This is a good one. You allow your mind to think about how you would structure this, and you think Prop Co/Op Co for sure, and you want a seat at the table as well. You make a note. Talk to Richard. Talk to Scott.

What about this Smart Island stuff she’s rattling on about. You find Astypalea, and wonder how close this is to Kea, and whether she’s just copying this whole plan: Smart and sustainable island: “Many things are going to happen for the first time, anywhere in the world, on Astypalea” | Shaping Mobility Hub ( There certainly seems to be something rumbling along in the Greek islands which is more than surfing and sand.

You binge search / watch on the Blonde’s social media, and wonder if she’s really blonde: (458) Dragons Den Dinner 2009 Speech by Julie Meyer – YouTube Damn restricted Instagram account: You get to the Twitter account: – now this is interesting. Holy Tamale. Feisty! An MBE who picks a fight with the Queen’s lawyers. Actually, it looks like they picked a fight with her. Damn this woman’s got balls. I don’t think the monarchy’s got a future either, frankly. ‘I used to babysit boys like Julian Pike.’ Ouch. And of course, the requisite personal website:

Ok, so the usual glitz, ideas, inspiration, insights and investment opportunity.

I wonder if she has Campari as a Sponsor or what? You just notice a heck of a lot of photos of her with one in her hand.

You turn out the light thinking that if Greece can come back from the depths of the hell they were in, then probably fortunes are going to be made there in the next decade. You think that this might be more than a Greek jolly after all.

 “Bull markets are born on pessimism, grown on scepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria. The time of maximum pessimism is the best time to buy, and the time of maximum optimism is the best time to sell.” – Sir John Templeton

This might be a time to buy low… This might be the time to buy in Greece.

Buy your ticket and join Keanaissance Edition 2, 2-5 June 2022 in Kea, Greece.