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‘Build a Life That You Don’t Have to Take a Holiday From’… The Blonde says that like way too much. Wonder if she knows how annoying that is. That’s the thing about these yanks. They simply *do* *not* * know* how annoying they are. Righteous out their ear. Earnest. WAAAAAAY too driven. Meghan Markle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Melania Trump, Lady Barbara Thomas Judge, Christina Domecq, Wallis Simpson, Julie Meyer. They should just stay over there. We try to run them out with bad press, and well, it worked with Markle. Another one bites the dust. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, babe.

You wonder if the Blonde is still bullish on bitcoin despite the fact that it looks like Warren was right. You found this page on the Mykonos conference – where Bill Barhydt of ABRA keynoted: Videos – FTE Mykonos 2021 – Follow The Entrepreneur ( . He’s channelling Ray Dalio. You see a reference to a closing party at the Buddha Bar that VIP & ABRA pulled off. You wonder what the closing party for KEANAISSANCE will be. Work hard; play hard seems to be the Blonde’s motto. Nothing yet in the KEANAISSANCE Programme for Bitcoin. She acts like a Real Economy girl anyway. Actually bitcoin is probably the finance layer for the Real Economy. Wonder if she gets that. You’ve often thought that the Bitcoin ‘problem’ is that the incumbents in this ecosystem to the disrupter that Bitcoin is are the Fed and its peer group; they don’t want to lose control over interest rates as it manages inflation. Bitcoin is immune to that. You remember the inflation of the 1980’s; going off the gold standard started the whole damn problem, and Bitcoin is a new gold standard in an alternative paradigm. You wonder when the eLords start coming out with their own currencies. Sterlings dominance followed the East Indies Company not the other way around. East India Company – Wikipedia You wonder how sophisticated this group is going to be . You make a note to sit next to Scott.

You realise you are getting a bit obsessed about the Blonde. You bought the Keanaissance ticket for Business though; this is pure business. (458) It’s Not Personal It’s Strictly Business ( The Godfather 1972 ) – YouTube It’s like she’s keeping a Running Commentary through her Linked In – (5) Julie (MBE) Meyer | LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. This is like Millenial behaviour for a ‘mature woman’. She’s definitely 45. Even a Blonde shouldn’t be having this much fun. You remember when she called David Dimbeley, Jonathan on Question Time. BBC One – Question Time, 16/02/2012 I don’t think she even realised she was trending on Twitter that night. She honestly didn’t even seem to care. I’ll bet she’s an INTJ as well. Probably a Daddy’s girl. Seen this type before. Never happy.

I thought she was a bit of a chancer to be honest when she did that First Tuesday thing. Or was it First Wednesday? She got lucky. It’s that California swagger. She’s no Kennedy, Rockefeller. Like who does she think she is?

Running Commentary…. Where have I heard that before? Oh, that’s right, the journalist who was blown up. Here it is: That crook Schembri was in court today, pleading that he is not a crook | Daphne Caruana Galizia That’s a punch line: There are crooks everywhere you look now. The situation is desperate. Moments before she was blown up. Unbelievable.

I think the Blonde was there too. Wonder if she knew Galizia. Daphne Caruana Galizia – Wikipedia Heard it was a tough exit. The Blonde. I mean the journalist, like yeah, her too. UK >> Malta >> Switzerland & Greece. Not bad. Bit of an upgrade, really.

Begs the question about what this KEANAISSANCE thing is really all about. Why is she doing this? Why are they all there? About Us – VIVA Investment Partners ( I heard she’s like a hard ass to work with. Like a tyrant, workaholic.

Digital investment in islands | – ok fine. Not exactly the FT. Ok fine, that’s the villa: FTE KEA: Opportunities in the Greek startup ecosystem are seen by international… ( Villa Carpe Diem – give me a break. Seems like she’s been coming here for a while: TEDxAcademy “discovers” on September 28th! | Capital

Ya da ya da ya da

Circuit Breaker – my ass; where does she get this stuff? – Lavrio is a nothing: Tailor Made Executive Retreats – Keanaissance … You make a note to ask about the price. If you have to go to a stately home one more time for an offsite, you might commit a crime. Ancient Greek Town Lavrio to Host New Microsoft Data Center ( Wait … Microsoft is building datacentres in Lavrio. That’s October 2020 … nothing since… Incredible. If that happens, the Athens Int’l to Lavrio to Kea Corrider will be like Godalming into the City. You look outside and you’ve just passed Koropi. I check out Koropi online; this is football mansion land. This is freaking Mediterranean Cobham, Surrey. Unreal.

Naaaah… She can’t have discovered this. You are sure she like doesn’t think about things like this. She’s a Blonde. You chuckle. Wait what’s this line, ‘If life were a video game, being a white man would be the lowest level of difficulty.’ That’s sort of funny. That’s actually quite funny. I knew she was anti-man. It’s obvious.
You open the Weekend FT, and see Kea

You wonder if this is the Blonde’s place. Looks pretty amazing. Wonder if she rents it out. You might try *hard* to become her friend. You bet that this is her place, and that she’s just like showing off.

Now this guy is ZEN: Arnon Katz – Keanaissance MetaTech Foundation. Loaded. Appears to be getting the developing world – 152 countries? – hooked on crypto. Actually, might make sense. The world is rigged against them; create the rules of the game. You make a note to listen to the guy. Definition of ZEN. You make a note, talk to Katz. Tell him you’re from El Salvador really. You make a note to have a photo taken like that, and post it on FB.

Lauren Demarest – Keanaissance – I like the look of this one. Lady Demarest on Instagram. Rather fit. You make a note. Oh she’s behind Sweat Vacay. Got it. Girl thing. She’s building a network of fitness freelancers or something in the Med. Right. Got it. Fit. This was a very smart move to come to Kea. This is kind of a new thing, female entrepreneurs. I don’t blame them. This 30% club thing was never going to work. You make a note to throw in $1 m into this one for, let’s just say, access. You chuckle.

Now this is the guy you make a note to meet: Jean-Pierre Heim – Keanaissance Eco-marinas. Of course. And of course he’s French. We know what to do. Short the short frogs. All sub 177. Except De Gaulle, and what did he do? High-tailed his tall ass to London leaving his fellow frogs back home to cower to the Krauts. Unbelievable. I’ll bet this one’s short too. You read something about a lot of French on Kea. You make a note to check it out. Too many could be a problem. You wonder if she’s importing them. She did do INSEAD. Might be a problem.

You are thinking that this living on a Greek island thing is worth exploring. Fit girls, eco-marinas, Golden Visas, insane sunset, Campari by the pool, no trains, less stress, get a tan, look avant garde. Hang with entrepreneurs, zip to Athens Int’l if required, still EU, get the Visa, learn how to say Kalimeri and mean it. You can do it, Joe. You are sure that you can do this. I mean like there’s got to be a premium down here to, well, be me. You are British Fund Manager with $1 bn AUM. You think – buy the whole island.

You are like the Mediterranean at heart. You make a note to check out where Amal got to with the marbles. I can’t see that they’ll ever go back. Ever. Possession is like 90%.

You send the link to KEANAISSANCE to Hugh and David. They might be able to come down too. Second, though, might keep this to myself for a while.

Buy your ticket and join Keanaissance Edition 2, 2-5 June 2022 in Kea, Greece.