Anatomy of a Conspiracy

I have been advised to let sleeping dogs lie.

To get on with life.

But it is not right that perpetrators of violence online or criminals who steal personal data or conspirators against women’s reputations terrorise their victims into submission. I am not afraid. I am shining a spotlight on their behaviours as men who have sought to terrorise me and to destroy me professionally. I am grateful to the men who have supported me, knowing that this is wrong, and who continue to back me despite the conspiracy’s aims to destroy me. 

But more importantly, if this could happen to me, it could happen to other women.

I will not allow that to happen, and I want to help young girls who are brought up the same way that I was to live in a world where they won’t face what I have survived.


At first I thought he might be inebriated.

It seemed quite incredible that one of Silicon Valley’s leading entrepreneurs, Jon Rubinstein, who rebuilt Apple with Steve Jobs, who sits on the Board of Directors of Amazon and QualComm, would write such an email to me, but here it is below. As I have seen repeatedly over the past two years, others have had to deal with this kind of harassment and bullying; the narrative of the #MeToo movement would have been an easy flight to catch back in late 2017 when all of this harassment started. I’ve waited two years, but enough is enough.

Jon Rubinstein clearly writes that he intends to destroy me professionally, and has the audacity of someone who knows that he will never pay for his actions, to call it: Project Julie.

From: Jon Rubinstein
Sent: 03 February 2018 17:48
To: Julie Meyer – Ariadne Cap
Cc: Shawn Atkinson
Subject: Re: ACE Fund LP Report – December 2017 – WITHOUT PREJUDICE

You seem to be ignoring me again.

As you know I am in communications with your auditors and am attempting to get them to do their job properly. Given the situation it seems that they may be at significant risk if they just sign off on the fund.

I have some extra time on my hands and so may begin Project Julie. I don’t really want to have to do this, but as you refuse to engage in writing and provide documentation on the running of the fund, you leave me no choice.

So here is my potential project plan in no particular order:
Talk to the auditors – in process.
File a complaint with the FCA.
File a complaint with the London Police.

Communicate with the rest of the investors (could I get contact info please? I’ve already got it for Irwin and Sabeer but need the rest)

File a complaint with the Honors Forfeiture Committee.

Inform Insead’s management.

Of course there is the press. Although they seem to have pretty good sources already, I am sure they would appreciate an investor’s viewpoint with someone willing to go on the record.
You have personally secured the loan so I could go to the County Court in London and file a claim AND/OR file a claim in CA, which would probably be easier.

File a complaint with the FRC about the auditors.

Of course there are always additional legal proceedings possible.

I am sure there are a variety of additional actions I haven’t thought of yet but will come up as I potentially go through this process.

Although our fund auditors continue to sign off on the fund audit without any issues, and I, in fact, had to submit a 30 page Police Report to the London Metropolitan police, the rather scary reality of the situation, is that Rubinstein appears to have done just what he threatened to do.

Whether Jon Rubinstein was involved in the conspiracy of people who set up anonymous Twitter, LinkedIn, medium and Gmail accounts is still not known, but a merry band of ne’er do wells, set themselves up to further try to destroy me including running a twitter account which posted vibrators (sex toys) on the tweets as ‘presents’ for me, and claimed that they were whistleblowers against the damage that I had done throughout my career to people, claiming that I was threatening to kill them, hence their need to adopt anonymous personas like John Galt, the hero of Atlas Shrugged, my favourite book.

Quite serious journalism then …..

Remarkable the kahunas it takes to put in writing a conspiracy that one is undertaking to destroy someone. Male privilege indeed – not a woman in sight except the one they are attempting to destroy.

Or consider this:

Dear all:

I have assembled a team of like-minded souls:

1. An individual who has a wealth of documented evidence against Julie – so much that I suspect we will need to shrink to fit a focused story to FCA or media
2. A PR Advisor who has the media contacts and a pending lawsuit vs JMM for unpaid bills
3. A media owner, Tom Winnifriths, who specialises in campaigning v JMM (and FCA!!) in his own line finance magazine e.g.

I can provide time/expertise in helping to piece the jigsaw together.

To declare my interest: I am a minor shareholder of Ariadne Capital Limited UK (ACL), have no interest in ACE Fund other than the EntrepreneurCountry (ECG) fiasco.

I am also interested because I am an ‘investor’ in the Maltese TopCo Ariadne Capital Group Limited (ACGL). I am pursuing a legal action v ACGL in Malta which moves at a snail’s pace largely because ACGL has no physical presence in Malta…. JMM is unaware of the action which is how it should stay until it succeeds, at which time ACGL assets will be frozen….

I also know a close relative of the Prime Minister’s wife. The PM hates JMM and would pull any relevant string.

JMM is me, Julie Marie Meyer.

The Prime Minister mentioned above is Joseph Muscat whose government was forced to resign due to alleged involvement in the assassination of Daphne Carauna Galizia.

The author of the above note was confirmed by one of the recipients of the email, Nigel Burton, as Peter Wakeham ,the Chairman of Mill Hill School, who states that he is running a lawsuit against me without my knowledge (only could such a lack of due process exist in Malta).

The ‘wealth of documented evidence against Julie’ was information that was stolen through illegal entry into my personal and corporate accounts. This is a criminal offence.

I do not propose to defend myself in this article.

I am innocent until proven guilty like every other human being.

What is disturbing about the way my enemies have sought to harm me is to not rely on legal
process but to hide and to smear from the sidelines.

They have sought to use the cover of anonymous social media accounts, to use a ‘whistleblower’ bogus status after my lawyers received judgements to uncover their identities and to bate the so called traditional media into writing about hearsay. In order to protect their anonymity, one of the conspirators claimed that I had threatened to kill him. This was sufficient to keep his cloak of anonymity in place for him to further try to harass me and to pursue the confidentiality.

Women who have real authority and independence with their own means and visions are frequently considered fair game by men who are threatened by their strength and leadership.

American women are particularly disliked around the world as we are seen as bossy, aggressive with lots of ‘male energy’.

Having lived in the UK for 20 years, the number of American women who were taken down by the British press continues to grow.

In an eery way that I could not have realised, the damage to Christian Domecq during the SpinVox blowout in 2009 was indicative of how the British media approach American women in general.
Even Gwyneth Paltrow was trashed.
Melania Trump was fair game.
Lady Barbara Thomas Judge, one of the stalwarts of the British establishment while she was married to Sir Paul Judge, a leading British businessman, was then accused of racism within 6 months of his death, and dropped from every Board where she had been asked to serve.
And Meghan Markle was recently referred to as ‘five clicks up from trailer trash’ live on British media by a ‘top royal correspondent’.

So what is it about my story which is representative of something larger happening in society?

I was raised to believe that I could do anything I put my mind to. I was absolutely conditioned to believe that there was zero difference between my capabilities as a girl and those of my male counterparts. Playing team sports competitively for a decade had a lot to do with my mindset.

And I was raised to be an optimist and positive. I have a super high level of confidence in my abilities due to the incredible love and support of my exceptional parents growing up which led to my achievements through school and my career.

I’m American as well, and a Christian; both have a lot to do with my optimism and positivity. My father is an entrepreneur, so I know how tough building business is. It creates strong people. Importantly, my parents assumed strength. They assumed that I was strong and capable, so I became strong and capable.

How that confidence and competence translates to others who don’t have it is interesting.
People over the past 20 years since I graduated from INSEAD where I did my MBA and was asked to serve on the Board of Directors for two terms, also being given one of the Top 50 Alumni (of all time) awards for the school have been attracted to my self-confidence and competence. I’ve had offers to invest in my previous investment firm from major investment backs in the hundreds of millions.

But occasionally, the confidence is met with jealousy.

Why are you so confident of yourself? How did you get an MBE? Why are you so well known? Why are you running your own firm? How? Why? …. You’re not a Kennedy, nor a Rockefeller, nor a Lady or a Princess. You appear to be just a girl from California who believes she has a unique contribution to the universe. Go home. Don’t think you are anything or anyone special.

The combination of that jealousy with a perceived vulnerability that was created by my conspirators and enemies unleashed an evil energy to try to destroy.

Many, if not most, businesswomen go through stages in their careers where they have to assert their role as the boss. If you are in a larger organisation, there are particular challenges, but you are operating inside of a structure which probably reinforces reporting order. If you run your own firm as I have done for 25 years, then you are the boss. People can choose to work for you or not, but if they do, guess what?

You’re the boss.

At many points along the way, I would wonder how it was that people either who worked for me as employees or as service providers, would view following my direction as optional. As a busy entrepreneur with ambition, I may have sometimes not particularly wanted to discuss every direction multiple times.

Call it insensitive, but we were there to get on with things, and it was my firm. In Malta, I encountered a level of misogyny that most American women would find impossible to believe still exists in the year 2020. Men went to extreme steps to make sure that no one under any circumstance could ever believe that they took direction from a woman.

As a woman who was always private about my private life, but not married with no children, I was amazed at how this perceived ‘singleness’ seemed to inspire men in positions of power over me to suggest that I must be attracted to them. This would be put in very explicit terms. In dozens of situations, when I was forced to either forcefully or gently explain that the relationship was strictly business, then retaliation ensued. Women don’t speak about this much as we fear that we are somehow asserting that we think we are gorgeous or something. It is a fact that some men use their positions to lobby women for sex, and when refused, they attack. I’ve been there, and I know it happens.

This is the first time I’ve ever written about this.

Because I have been consistent throughout my career, my friends over the past 30 years and many of the people in the industries in which I have worked have known that there was an organised attempt to destroy me, and they organised to support me in many ways.

I have been the recipient of tremendous goodwill and assistance of all types. These #greatmen and #greatwomen have contributed to my on-going belief in the decency of most people who run into the burning building and save the people who are under attack.

There is a lot of reform that needs to be done to avoid the on-going weaponizing of social media towards people with a goal to avoid having to go through the courts to get verdicts of innocence or guilt.

Today, in the UK, someone can break into your house or your email inbox and steal 1.5 terrabytes of data, and operate inside your inbox for 5 months creating false information, impersonating you, and that information can be confiscated by the authorities and used against you.
Quite incredible to consider.
What an incentive to criminal minds to hack into someone’s personal or corporate data if they know how to do this without being caught?

Children growing up need to have role plays in the classroom and other extracurricular activities where the role of girls as leaders who give direction to their classmates not just the girls needs to be seen as normal.
Men who follow women’s direction whether in sports, activities, or jobs need to be positively affirmed rather than treated as effeminate or weak.

Men who make a clear intention to harm women with the equivalent of a professional acid attack should be held accountable for their actions. We have seen how a number of women held Harvey Weinstein accountable in the entertainment industry which has led to his imprisonment. Susan Fowler held Uber accountable which led to the founder’s departure.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s stop the harassment of women who choose to be leaders. The world needs women who grow up to believe that they have a unique contribution to make to the world. I wouldn’t change a thing about the way I approach the world or the contribution I believe I have to make. My enemies and those who have pursued a conspiracy against me have strengthened my resolve to deliver my unique contribution to the world, and have given me a platform to do so. Thank you Jon Rubinstein, Peter Wakeham and the others.

As a Christian, I forgive you, Jon, Peter, Amit, Andrew, Tom, Henry, Ashley, Joseph.

Completely, and unreservedly.

The evil is forgiven and forgotten.