You Are Managing $1 bn AUM, and You Turn Up in Athens Int’l on the 1st of June to Attend Keanaissance

You take off on BA 0632 to Athens on Wed 1 June at 13h25, thinking about what a mess the communists made of Greece, or was it Brussels, or was it Goldman Sachs? In any case, they’ll never get the Elgin Marbles back. Ever.

The Blonde has been promoting Greece now for 3 years, much like she did with Spotify, Skype, Zopa, Monitise and others. Why not, you thought? Check it out. Jubilee Weekend will be on and you’re not invited despite the $1 bn AUM.

She is always talking. Those Americans are non-stop promoters, can’t trust them really. You like them, until you don’t.

She must be with a Greek guy. There’s got to be a man involved in this.

Your mind runs to everything you know about Greece. Ok, fair enough geographically blessed. It’s true.

The shipping industry managed to convince some Greek government 70 years ago, over way too much Ouzo that they were so strategic to the country that they shouldn’t have to pay any tax. What a wheeze. Then they all put their money in Geneva. Perpetual no tax life. Rather astonishing on the one hand, and just par for the course.

You watch the video of Mitsotakis at Greek Independence Day in May 2021 – Message from Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for Greek Independence Day 2021 – YouTube . The Blonde seems a bit too impressed with him. It’s a good message, and compelling about the belief bit. But he’s not Steve Jobs like she said he was. He has his moments.

You realise that you are feeling good about Greece getting its MOJO back. It’s good to see David win against Goliath. Still, fastest growing economy in the EU. Can’t be. They must be rigging the numbers. How could the country spring back so quickly? Lower taxes? Next thing you know the Laffer Curve will be coming out of the closet.

You wonder whether the Blonde knows that Keanaissance is also Keanu Reeves Twitter account; seems careless to name an event after a Hollywood star without knowing it. She’s just really a networker. That’s the problem. Careless with details.

She’s just always talking in a rather too fast way, but three people mentioned Keanaissance to you, so you thought,’ go. just see what she’s doing down there in Greece. Spotify, Skype, Zopa, Monitise… she probably was behind other ones too … Maybe you find the next one. God knows that you have got to come up with a strategy for excess liquidity in a negative interest rate world. The UK may have gone to 1% but your cash is Swiss, and there’s so little inflation that they’ll be the last to lift interest rates.

This Keanaissance Endowment Portfolio Game is new. Some sort of simulation game – probably got it from INSEAD. You don’t remember her, but you think she was there 6 months earlier than you.

You scan the list of speakers. David Batstone. Seems impressive. Philanthropist. Battery Company CEO. Business 2.0 founder. Wow, back in the stone age. Those Americans hang together.

Who else? Ok Michael Moszynski. Heard good things about him. She’s a Fan, Mandarin Oriental was /is a client. You make a mental note to talk to Michael.

More women speaking than you ever remember at another one of these. Darya Shaterloo. Leanne Kovacic. Christina Georgkaki. Seta Ashfordi. Hmm…. This is good. All good looking entrepreneurs. Very good. This was smart to come.

Golden Visa. You can’t honestly believe the Blonde is promoting this. You hate the lines at Heathrow now, but really. €250,000 to buy a villa in KEA that you can call home. Miltos Kambourides, The One & Only Kea. Solving the Infrastructure Challenges of Kea.

You are – shall we say – deeply sceptical that she cares about that.

Tomorrow you go to Kea on the morning ferry from Lavrio port. You think, about your decision to come to KEANAISSANCE, and you think, something good is going to happen.